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To access El Ruiz:

There you will find a list of active Palaces, with their current IP.
You should have the program "The Palace" installed. You can dowload the program free of charge from the following link: Downloads
It is convenient for easier access to each one of the rooms to have installed the graphics and sounds of El Ruiz. These can be downloaded from "Download of graphics and sounds" that found but ahead in " Useful Links ". Otherwise, as the site is crossed these load automaticamente. This procedure is but slow because room by room is due to do.
If the server is inactive at the moment of accessing it, you can make use of ICQ (if iyou have it) to request it's opening.
ICQ server # 3756300
If you do not have ICQ, you may use the Link: Messages ICQ
By e-mail, too.

El Ruiz is a Palace of virtual chat.
It runs in a Macintosh G4
By Ivan Gomez Jaramillo.
Located in the city of Manizales, Colombia.
The only Palace currently serving the country and this has been so for several years.
More than 40 rooms.

Due to the fact it currently runs off a desktop and not an ISP, it is not possible to access 24/ 7/ 12
We gladly will meet your request to open the Palace when required,
within our means.

Useful links

Palace Home page
This link takes you to thePalace Home page.
Messages via ICQ
Useful link for support. Any sort of problem can be consulted by e-mail or ICQ to our server.
The Palace Manuals
The Palace Tutorials
Some information about the city of Manizales.
Pservers and/or clients on Macintosh computers.
Anyone on a Mac or wanting to learn about palacing on a Mac is welcome =)
Palace directory
Most popular Palaces.
To Enlaces locales

Virtual Chat in El Ruiz

It is an ambitious project that intends to make an excuse to "chat" with others, to begin making close friendships with the neighbors in the city of Manizales. Colombia.

We believe that through the internet, we will be able to show the world our city and and obtain allies that provide us something to make this a success.

Awaiting your visit to El Ruiz, send us your comments, and where possible, spreads the news of our project in the measure of your possibilities.

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